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We increase your data quality through our
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Digital forensic managed service


Did you know that more than every second cyberattack is caused by your own or former employees, whether intentionally or negligently?

After an attack from within the company’s ranks, hobby hackers, organized criminals and malicious competitors follow. If something seems suspicious to you, you want to know who is threatening your company, how, where, and when.


Our AI-powered forensic technologies, methods, and processes for identifying and analyzing the crime, scope of damage, suspects, and parties involved provide solutions for internal and external investigations, inquiries, litigation, and regulatory requirements and audits.


An attack path is a route through the digital landscape used by attackers in a cyberattack to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. We continuously monitor your digital infrastructure and identify and prioritize attack paths to prevent an attack, analyze the course of events, and ensure that the effort to successfully carry out an attack is not worth it.


Criminals are constantly finding new and innovative ways to infiltrate personal and corporate data for malicious activities.
We fight crime by quickly extracting, correlating, and contextualizing data so you can make quick and accurate decisions and countermeasures.

Capture, categorize, and immediately process comprehensive data from various sources.

Identify the most relevant data to detect potentially malicious activity or high-risk profiles.

Uncovering anomalies and complex relationships to determine who is involved in malicious activity, how it is linked, what has happened, and when.

Summarize all evidence for reporting and further investigation and analysis as required by stakeholders, authorities, and insurers.

System-based audit and quality control of Information Governance and Compliance. Review of the management of critical information and sensitive data relevant to meeting the organization's business, legal, and regulatory objectives.


Does your organization lack the resources, data analytics capabilities, and technology to conduct research?
Our experts not only support you with know-how but also with many years of experience in various investigative scenarios. In our investigations, we use the same technologies as investigative and antitrust authorities, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), large international corporations, and law firms.

Your Benefits

Make informed decisions and develop your strategies early with quickly available, up-to-date, and comprehensive investigation results.

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