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Awareness training

We support your employees in finding the right answers to
security, compliance, and data protection issues


According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report 2022, “the human factor remains a major factor: 82% of breaches this year were enabled by human intervention. Stolen credentials, successful phishing, and lost devices continue to be key contributors to incidents and data breaches”.

Well-trained and educated employees have proven to be the best protection against many threats, including ransom attacks, business email compromises, data breaches, and compliance violations, which can threaten a company’s existence individually or collectively.


The combination of training, testing, and analysis in a continuous cycle ensures a sustainable and demonstrable increase in the knowledge and awareness of your employees. The centrally controlled platform makes it possible to reach every employee in the company.


Through constant repetition, the training content is deeply anchored in your employees’ minds. The risk of falling victim to a social engineering attack is significantly reduced.

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Tobias Bruckböck

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